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Hair Spa benefits and types

Hair Spa Benefits and Types- Love Your Tresses

Does it ever happen to you that you wake up and find yourself having a ‘bad hair day’? What’s more? You look in the mirror and see dull, greasy, or damaged hair falling from your shoulders as if a truck hit you. What do you do? Apart from sulking the entire day or rolling all your hair into a bun, you may not have enough options right there. But there is some thing you could certainly try – a hair spa. Lets explore Hair Spa benefits and it’s types so that you can pick one suited to your needs.


Hair Spa benefits and types
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Whether you’re getting ready to attend a party, or simply want lustrous smooth and manageable hair for a date night, a hair spa is your friend. Over the last decade, this particular spa treatment has gained popularity amongst both men and women because it has many benefits. However, to make the most of these treatments, one should first identify their hair type and choose a treatment accordingly.

Hair spa treatments are designed to cater to different hair types. And different kinds of hair needs different care. So, choosing the right kind of spa treatment is essential.

Hair spa treatments can broadly belong to three categories – renew, protect and repair overall.


The Nourish & Replenish Treatment

hair spa benefits and types
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Constant use of heat, blow drying, ironing, and colouring cause gradual damage to your hair. And over time your hair may seem like it’s lost its lustre and volume. A nourish & replenish hair spa will fix damaged hair and its problems.


Deep Conditioning Treatment

hair spa benefits and types
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Ideal for dry hair, this kind of hair spa treatment will ensure that your dry scalp gets enough moisturising which will give you healthy looking hair. A deep conditioning treatment will control frizzy and unmanageable hair making it look voluminous and smooth.


Anti-Dandruff Treatment

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If you have an excessively dry scalp with dandruff, opt for an anti-dandruff treatment that is dermatologically tested to offer best results. Getting these treatments done regularly will help you fight dry scalp problems.


Treatment for Treated Hair

hair spa benefits and types
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If you have recently straightened, permed, or coloured your hair you may need a slightly different type of therapy. And more often than not, your hair is highly vulnerable during this period. Therefore it needs special care. So, salons have special treatments for already treated hair. Such hair spa benefits chemically and heat-treated hair and protects it from damage.

So, the next time you visit a salon for a hair spa treatment, be sure to ask them the kinds of treatments they have for various hair types and choose the one that suits your hair type. Also, ensure that they use premium products as these procedures are meant to fix your bad hair day problems.

To reap the hair spa benefits book your next Hair Spa Service here or explore some interesting Hair Spa Packages.

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Hair Spa Benefits and Types- Love Your Tresses
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Hair Spa Benefits and Types- Love Your Tresses
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