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pedicure types you must try this winter

Pedicure types you must try this winter – Happy Feet

Winters demand a stricter regimen when it comes to foot care because our feet get dry, cracked and painful in this cold and dry weather. Pedicures are an essential and delightful way to pamper our feet as we get them scrubbed and moisturized feeling soft and looking graceful. Here is a list of different pedicure types that will make you feel totally rejuvenated. Different pedicure types use different ingredients and techniques and each is an experience must trying!


Regular Pedicure

pedicure types regular pedicure
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A regular pedicure is the most basic of all foot cares. It starts with soaking the feet in warm water, followed by scrubbing to exfoliate dead skin cells, clipping of cuticles and nails, filing of nails and ends with a relaxing foot massage and polishing of the nails.

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French Pedicure

pedicure types french pedicure
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A French pedicure gives a woman the most sophisticated-looking nails. It starts with a regular pedicure and ends with a specific polish for the nails. A light pink or nude base coat is applied on the nails. The tips of the nails are painted in white nail polish making the final look chic and elegant.  

Hot Stone Pedicure

pedicure types hotstone
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Hot stone pedicure is therapeutic for the feet. It begins with a relaxing massage with essential oils followed by placing hot stones under your feet targeting the pressure points. A hot stone massage is followed by wrapping a warm towel around the feet. The hot stone massage helps to relieve pains and cramps and the heat allows the skin to absorb moisture from the essential oils making it soft and supple.


Paraffin Pedicure

pedicure types paraffin pedicure
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Paraffin pedicure also begins with a regular pedicure. However, before applying polish to the nails the feet are immersed in a container of paraffin wax. After soaking in wax, the therapist wraps your feet with cling wrap leaving them wrapped for some time. This pedicure is perfect for dry and cracked feet. Paraffin wax has excellent hydrating properties, it leaves the feet looking soft and graceful.

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Spa Pedicure

pedicure types spa pedicure
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Spa pedicure follows the steps as in a regular pedicure, but the difference lies in the technique, length of the procedure and the quality of products used. Different salons endorse different products and treatments according to the clients requirement and preference. Spa procedure generally includes usage of aromatic scrubs, essential oils, hot towel wrap, hydrating mask, jelly dips and other luxurious treatment for the feet. It is usually done in a Spa room with scented candles and fresh flowers to enhance the experience.


Fish Pedicure

pedicure types fish pedicure
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In fish pedicure, the feet are immersed in a tank containing doctor fish (Garra rufa) that nibble away the dead skin from the feet. This is followed by regular pedicure, making the feet clean and soft. Fish pedicure is fun for the clients as doctor fish do not have teeth and they simply suck on the dead skin.


Margarita Pedicure

pedicure types margarita pedicure
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A margarita pedicure is simply a regular pedicure that is spiked with fresh lime throughout the process. It begins with soaking the feet in warm water containing fresh lime slices, followed by exfoliation with lime salt scrub. The feet are dried with a towel and moisturized with a lime moisturizer. The procedure ends with the final application of polish on the nails. You an even try a lime shade nail paint to add that extra Margarita touch. A couple of close variations of this pedicure are Wine pedicure and Champagne pedicure.

This winter do not miss out on the opportunity to try these pedicure types and get yourself pampered.

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