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beauty tips for men

Beauty tips for Men – Men’s beauty needs demystified

Often people associate a beauty regimen with women, because, let’s face it, women love to take care of themselves. Additionally, they battle the ongoing pressure to look presentable or look a ‘certain’ way at all times. Well, that said, where does that leave men with? In an egalitarian world, men must also look after themselves, no? And don’t we all admire that one man who takes good care of himself. And when we say that, we don’t just mean someone who is beefing up those muscles. It means someone who takes some time to look after himself and be presentable too. Spending some time at a salon may just be what you need. Here are 5 must follow simple and basic beauty tips for men:



beauty tips for men mani pedi
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Uneven nails, dirt and grime, dead skin, calluses, corns and what not! Well, a regular mani-pedi will take care of all those issues you face. A pedicure may sound like it’s a fancy thing to get, but most importantly a pedicure is just a basic way to keep your fingers and toes clean, and your hands and feet moisturized. You really don’t want that awful stench when you take off your shoes in public right? And trust us women notice men’s feet and hands, and unkempt ones are such a turn off.

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beauty tips for men waxing
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Surprised? Well, waxing isn’t just for women (if that’s what you thought). Men too require it. Especially the ones who have excessive body hair; read, underarms, chest and back. All that hair on your body isn’t cool, sure it could keep you warm in winters. But, if you were going to a beach, a gym or a swimming pool, trust us, no one wants to see that soaked fur coat you have on. So, get rid of it. Depending on how fast your hair grows, we advise you to wax regularly. Even if waxing your chest or your legs seems too much, start with underarms waxing for the sake of basic hygiene!

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beauty tips for men facial
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Next on out list of essential beauty tips for men is ‘Facial’. Who says this regime is only for women? A facial is nothing but a deep cleansing method which effectively removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and opens up those pores on your face. Well, men do have all of those things too, in fact a lot more than women. A facial will help get rid of all that accumulated dirt, oil, and dead skin. Often salons have different types of facials that suit different skin types. A brief consultation at the salon to identify your skin type and problem areas will be ideal.

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beauty tips for men massage
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If you’ve been sweating in the gym and lifting heavy weights your body tends to get sore. Well, and if you aren’t a regular at the gym but spend long hours at your desk too, your body gets knotted from the lack of movements. There’s just one way to address those problems; a massage! A massage not just increases blood circulation but it also relaxes all those tight and sore muscles in your body. A basic Swedish or Balinese massage will leave you relaxed yet energized. For those who prefer high pressure try the Deep tissue massage.

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Hair Treatments

beauty tips for men hair treatments
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A head massage, coloring, deep conditioning, hair spa or addressing that receding hairline is one of the many reasons you must visit a salon. A regular hair spa not just makes your hair silky smooth but also fights hair fall, dandruff, and other hair related problems. The good news is that all these services are also available for men considering that men are more prone to balding than women. So, it means that they must not shy away from hair treatments.  

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Following these beauty tips for men will help you maintain your youthful glow and keep you presentable at all times. Also, a little pampering always makes you feel better about yourself, therefore making you feel a lot more confident about yourself. So, it’s time to make that trip to the salon now!


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