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bridal makeup - airbrush makeup

Bridal Makeup – Why pick Airbrush Makeup for your Big Day

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”- Calvin Klein. Isn’t this true? We all love that perfectly contoured flawless face with eye shadow and blush that stay all day and yet we want to look natural. Fortunately there’s a solution to this chicken and egg problem – Airbrush makeup! Lets find out why so many brides are choosing airbrushing for their bridal makeup.


What is Airbrush Makeup? 

bridal makeup - airbrush makeup
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Airbrush makeup is a lightweight makeup sprayed onto the skin using a special apparatus (an air gun machine) called an Airbrush. It is a fine mist that covers your skin giving it flawless finish and even coverage. Airbrushing is a makeup artist’s dream with an entire world of makeup products to explore – foundation, blush, eye makeup, highlighter, tattoo art and much more.

In the recent years it has gained a lot of popularity not only among Celebrities, but also among common people, who prefer to wear it on special occasions. While airbrush makeup is mostly associated with pro makeup artists, there’s also a version of it (with lesser pressure) available for domestic use. There are women who wear it regularly to work because it is lightweight, long lasting, and once you master the technique- it is quite easy to apply. Airbrush makeup is of two kinds- water based and silicone based. While the silicone based makeup is usually applied by makeup artists, the water based is great for regular use.


Reasons to pick Airbrushing for your bridal makeup

bridal makeup - airbrush makeup
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Gives a Natural finish

Airbrushing gives a perfect flawless finish yet looks very natural. You don’t want your cakey makeup to show in your wedding pictures and videos. Do you?

Long Stay

No more running to the ladies room for touch ups. In fact the Silicone based makeup will not run even with water – rain dance party anyone? Ladies trust me Airbrush makeup is perfect for a summer wedding – you will look stunning in every picture even if it’s clicked after hours of dancing.

Does not transfer onto your clothes

Finally no more foundation stains on your bridal outfit that you spent a bomb on!

Great for contouring

Airbrush makeup is perfect for contouring and can literally transform your face.

Very hygienic

The makeup is entirely applied with a spray without the use of any sponges, brushes, or hands, making it extremely hygienic to use.


How is Airbrush makeup applied?

bridal makeup - airbrush makeup
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Your makeup artist will put a small amount (3-4 few drops) of makeup in the funnel-shaped cup in the air gun and spray a mist of makeup on your skin. She’ll also mix colors and play with the products to give you that picture perfect look.


Tips & Tricks about Airbrush Makeup

bridal makeup - airbrush makeup
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While a pro makeup artist will know all the do’s and don’t of airbrushing, there are certain points you must keep in mind –


Always cleanse and moisturize your face, and use an airbrush primer before applying airbrush makeup.


The foundations come in different finishes such as Silk, Ultra, Satin, and Matte- pick the one that’s best suited to your skin type.


If you are learning to airbrush, try with water first. Also you can try on a piece of paper or on your hand first instead of your face. This way you will get a better estimate of how far you should keep the air-gun, how much product is required, and how to release pressure.


If you are using a water based airbrush foundation and blush, make sure you use non-silicone primer otherwise the makeup won’t stay.


Don’t apply the makeup from too close, keep a distance of about 4-6 inches otherwise the makeup would look too cakey. Only if are trying to cover a blemish or scar should you focus closely.


Use a circular motion while applying the makeup. You don’t want paint like stripes on your face!


If you are planning to get bridal makeup done from a professional, ask her to give you a trial of airbrushing beforehand. Such makeup requires high level of expertise and if your artist is not skilled enough you could end up spoiling for your special day. We’ve heard enough stories of brides crying on their wedding day since they didn’t get the look they desired.


Lastly, if you are going for a silicone based airbrush makeup, make sure you have the silicone makeup remover in your vanity kit.


Airbrush Makeup artists in Bangalore

bridal makeup - airbrush makeup
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In Bangalore YLG and VLCC offer Airbrush makeup. Apart from them, you may book an appointment with popular bridal makeup artists including Manjusha Bajaj, Gouri Kapur, and Saviona.


P.S. I love these tutorials by Luminess Air on Airbrushing. Hope you like them too!

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