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prenatal massage in bangalore

Best Spas for Prenatal Massage in Bangalore- a lil treat for mum-to-be

Mommy-to-be and can’t wait for the D-day when you get to see your little bundle of joy? We sure understand that unimaginable joy when you stare at the petite bundle neatly wrapped in your arms. Motherhood is a lifetime experience in a woman’s life. However, apart from the obvious physical changes, the expecting mother also undergoes intense psychological changes and emotional extremities. Such changes can leave her completely drained out! Thankfully, there are few really good spas that offer Prenatal massage in Bangalore to help you overcome these discomforts.

If you are a would-be-mommy and experiencing frequent mood swings and anxiety bouts due to the unruly hormones, then we suggest you pamper yourself with the therapeutic properties of delectable prenatal massages. They can mollify your frayed nerves and leave you feeling oh so blissful and contented. After all, your state of mind is no less important than your pregnancy diet chart for the overall well-being of your unborn.

Made up your mind already to hit the spa right away? Let’s help you with a quick guide of few of the best spas for prenatal massage in Bangalore (in no particular order). They are known for their top-notch services and mind-blowing stress busting techniques. These include comforting strokes that are specifically tailored for utmost safety to the mother and the baby. The massage will leave you completely rejuvenated once you step out after the utterly relaxing detoxification session.


SPA.ce the Spa

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If you thought that we are referring to some high-end gizmo here, time for a re-check. Voted as one of the best spas in Bangalore, SPA.ce the Spa promises you a mesmerizing experience with its regal and gorgeous interiors. The Spa offers 5 star ambience and highly professional and courteous therapists. You will be asked to share details of any existing complications as well as your preferred zone for a focus treatment. This one is quite a novelty as they actually make you write this on a sheet!

Try out the amazing foot and hand massage that can do wonders to your swollen limbs during pregnancy. You can also choose the full body massage for an overall relaxation. The massages are absolutely safe as they only use organic products that make liberal use of natural herbs, spices and oil. SPA.ce the Spa has two outlets in Bangalore. Make an appointment with the Cunningham Spa location or the Indiranagar Spa outlet. Either way you are up for an aromatic rendezvous!


Bodycraft Spa & Salon

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Pregnancy is often associated with fatigue and edema, which can make you feel all deadbeat and achy for the entire day. It’s a good idea to keep your doc informed and get these signs checked periodically. The good news is that you don’t need to suffer silently till your last term! Indulge your sore body parts and sagging energy levels with the curative effects of a prenatal massage at Bodycraft Spa & Salon. Spread across the length and breadth of Bangalore, it has multiple outlets. The outlets are located at Koramangala, Whitefield, Indiranagar, SadashivnagarFrazer town and Jayanagar. Bodycraft Spas boast premium spa services and beautiful interiors to provide you with a tranquil and luxurious experience.

The prenatal massage here does not make use of steam. It works its magic directly on your blood and lymph flow which provides you relief from cramps, pain and spasms. Moreover, it enhances the elasticity of your abdominal skin as well as its underlying tissues. It also aids cellular respiration which makes you feel revitalised and charged up. Not to forget that a regular bout of this massage can do wonders to your joints. Your joints are dying for some cosseting after carrying all that extra weight around! Surely worth trying!


The Thai Spa

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A renowned name in the world of personal care, The Thai Spa is next on our list of best spas for Prenatal massage in Bangalore. It has wellness centres in two of the poshest locales of Bangalore – Indiranagar and Phoenix Market City. Walk in to the Thai Spa today and let go of your pregnancy related tension and body aches with the prenatal friendly Mee Thaawng Massage. The ingenious massage assuages your tender spots, relaxes your tensed muscles and improves the blood circulation. It also creates magic on your cramped muscles and joints and improves mobility. No wonder you feel absolutely refreshed with a positive feeling about yourself once the hour long soothing saga is over.

Consult with the therapist and top it with the Aroma Foot Spa – Muscle Relaxation that works on the reflex points of your feet to drain out all the strain and make you feel super comfy!

The Thai Spa – Bangalore was awarded the ‘Debutant Spa of the Year 2015 – South’ by Franchise India in collaboration with Zee Business. Need any more reason to not book the next available appointment? We think not!


Four Fountains De-stress Spa

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Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is a celebrated spa that offers scientific and professional treatments at affordable prices. It provides a wide variety of therapies that include treatment for pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue and a host of other conditions. All therapies are rendered by trained and certified therapists who will bowl you over with their hospitality and professional attitude. Consult with the spa therapist for an expert opinion during your prenatal days. Look no further than an hour-long session of a Swedish Massage with Wintergreen Oil after you get a go ahead from the specialist! Wintergreen Oil is known to be a potent pain reliever and acts as a natural analgesic. The wonderful massage relieves your muscle aches and refreshes you in a jiffy.

Sleepless nights are as much a reality during your prenatal phase as they are postnatal. So, if you have tried every trick in the book to catch a few winks and yet been unsuccessful, we suggest you explore the Shirodhara therapy at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa. Shirodhara is an ancient non-massage therapy and quite safe for pregnant women as it involves a slow, rhythmic motion of pouring warm herbal oil onto the forehead. The oil is allowed to drip into the hair gradually which has a calming effect on your preoccupied mind and exhausted nerves. The sheer bliss lasts for 45 minutes and is sure to tame your erratic sleeping patterns over a period of time. Do disclose your existing prenatal complications though to your therapist before you surrender yourself to the temptation of this natural antidote for insomnia.

You can enjoy the superlative services of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa at any of its wide-spread outlets across India. In Bangalore its outlets are located in Koramangala, Sadashivnagar, Bannerghatta Road, Indiranagar, Kalyan Nagar, Bellandur, Brookefield and Jayanagar.


The Ritz-Carlton Spa

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If you don’t mind burning a hole in your pocket for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, then you found your calling at the Ritz-Carlton Spa in Bangalore. Located on the Residency Road, the uber chic spa features twelve deluxe treatment rooms and two express single rooms. The Spa also offers a hydro bath, steam and sauna and a massage lounge for repose. The masseurs and masseuses are experts in their own right as they undergo stringent training to up-skill themselves. They can customize every service to suit your unique prenatal needs. Relaxing strokes targeting specific areas of your body, adequate refreshments and U-shaped body pillows for supreme comfort! Indeed the Ritz-Carlton Spa by Espa promises you with a world-class surreal spa experience.

Why settle for anything else when you deserve the best during your priceless moments? Do remember to book an appointment at least two weeks prior to your visit.

There you go…a sneak peek into some of the best spas for Prenatal massage in Bangalore. These Spas can help you unwind completely and embrace the pregnancy related changes harmoniously. Lastly, do remember to consume a balanced diet, sleep well and keep yourself engaged with a hobby. Also schedule regular checkups with your health practitioner and leverage the benefits of a prenatal yoga for a happy and a healthy pregnancy.

Hope you enjoyed reading about ‘Bests Spas for Prenatal massage in Bangalore’. Read more about the benefits of Prenatal massage, Shriodhara and various other kinds of massage, in our post ‘Different types of massage and their benefits‘.



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