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Unusual gifts for all occasions: Gift an experience to remember

When the season is here, it’s all about the delicious food, drinks, parties and celebrations. December especially feels like a month to simply ‘give and get’ and by that we mean presents! With the wedding season in full swing and other parties lined up, sometimes it’s a little difficult to find that perfect gift to give to people. That’s when an idea is born. Why should gifts always be tangible items like money, jewelry, expensive china, and gadgets? Gifts can also be experiences, something that you can’t see but feel and reminisce – the unusual gifts. Something that leaves the person wanting for more.

So, ever thought of gifting someone a spa treatment? Here are few great ideas (the unusual gifts!) to gift your loved ones ‘an experience‘ they will surely thank you for.  


Couples’ massage as Wedding or Anniversary Gift

unusual gifts couples massage
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Couples’ watches, bedsheets, and crockery are such cliched gifts to give any couple. Whereas a gift like a couples’ massage at a spa might be an instant mood lifter and a great way to wind up one more year together! Lets face it, marriage is hard work and at the end of a hard day you need something to relax. And to top it up, an aromatherapy couples’ massage is Oh! so romantic, surely an experience the couple will cherish for long. An ideal gift both for newly weds and for those celebrating years of togetherness.


Pre-bridal packages for brides-to-be

unusual gifts prebridal package
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Usually, the bride-to-be is one who is extremely stressed, because the responsibility of getting a whole wedding put together as that of her dream is quite a task. That’s when thoughtful bridesmaids can gift the bride to be a complete pre-bridal package that has a mani-pedi, massage, hair spa and a facial! It will surely put the bridezilla at ease and peace.


Pre-wedding packages for the Grooms

unusual gifts for groom to be
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While the bride has a tonne of responsibilities, the groom too has the pressure of ‘showing up’ and showing up nice! To get a sharp and clean look the groom could definitely use some salon time too. A decent shave and trim, a mani and pedi to get rid of those unkempt and uneven nails that he has been biting on, a rejuvenating facial, and probably a combination of Swedish and Balinese massage might just do it for him. The groom could definitely use some grooming too!


Bachelorette party for bridesmaids at a Spa

unusual gifts bachelorette party
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A great way to thank your girlfriends who threw you a wonderful hens party is by gifting them a relaxing spa day. Whether it’s the massages, basic grooming, or a luxurious facial they are bound to feel rejuvenated post that little gift of yours to them. Ever tried a wine soak or mud wrap with friends? It’s such a fun experience! So, think no further, book those appointments for them today.


Spa as a gift to Parents

unusual gifts parents
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One could never really repay the love, kindness and support their parents give them. Our parents usually have only one thing on their mind, and that’s us! As they grow weak in their knees a nice way to say ‘Thank You’ to them on their Birthdays or even Mother’s or Father’s day would be by giving them a spa treatment day! They definitely deserve some pampering too. Well, there couldn’t be any gift you could give them to balance out the things they have done for you, but a spa treatment might come close :). Unusual gifts for unusual people!


Birthday/ Valentines Day gift for Girl/Boyfriends

unusual gifts valentines day
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Whether you are simply friends, or are in a relationship an excellent choice as a Birthday present can be a day at the spa. While girlfriends can get pampered, the boyfriends can also indulge in a few relaxing and well-spent treats at the spa. Who doesn’t like a facial, a rejuvenating massage or a hair spa? In a relationship? A day at the spa or a skin treatment you know your loved would appreciate is indeed a thoughtful gift. And a couples massage is such a romantic way to spend Valentines Day together. So what are you thinking? Gift an experience at a Spa/Salon to your sweetheart this Valentines Day/ Birthday and make them feel even more special.

Book a Spa or Salon Experience – a service of your choice or a package with a few handpicked services – perfect gift for Valentine!


Pet Spa

unusual gifts pet spa
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If you’re a pet parent and want to do something nice for your fur baby, we recommend that you take your furry friend to a spa of their kind. A nice bath and a little trimming could make your cute little friend even more softer and cuddly. Pet Spa is also a great gift for your loved ones who are proud pet parents. 


Post-natal massages

unusual gifts postnatal massage
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Sometimes it’s hard to find a doula in a big city, even if you do they could be inconvenient when it comes to their charges. So, a new mother might find it incredibly hard to cope with all the changes. With a wailing baby, stinky diapers, and insomnia a post-natal massage is probably a great relief to these new mommies. While babies receive a lot attention and onesies as gifts, their mothers could also benefit by the post natal massages. Not only are post-natal massages relaxing for the mums, they also help lose pregnancy weight- something the new mum would surely appreciate.


Pre-natal massage/ Salon treatment

unusual gifts prenatal massage
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Just like post natal spa is a great gift for a new mum, a pre-natal massage is blissful for mums-to-be. Women go through so many physical and hormonal changes during their pregnancy, they undoubtedly need some tender love and care. A prenatal massage is great to get rid of depression and anxiety, enhance blood circulation, relieve swelling, reduce fatigue and pain in joints and improve sleep. Not just a massage, a facial, hair spa and mani-pedi are important to do during pregnancy because you never know how soon post-delivery will the mum get a chance to visit a salon. It’s also an awesome gift for mum-to-be on her Baby Shower.


Prepaid membership at a spa/ Gift packages

unusual gifts spa packages
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If you’re willing to shell a few more bucks on a person that you love, getting them a year’s membership at a nice salon or spa can be an ideal gift. They could use all the offers and discounts on various services throughout the year. If not a membership, you could just buy a one time spa gift package. Its such a nice way to tell someone that you care. Imagine being able to go for regular massages, facials or skin treatments without having to worry about the moola. They will thank you each time they get compliments for that glowing skin. Since it’s already paid for, it’s a great gift for someone such as your parents or spouse who you know would not splurge on himself/herself.


Spa as a get-well-soon gift

unusual gifts shirodhara
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We’ve all gifted greeting cards, chocolates, fruits and flowers to our peeps while recovering from illness/ injury. How about gifting something that would truly revitalize them? A post-injury massage or just an aromatherapy massage, a facial or a foot reflexology treatment would not just boost their spirits but also help them recover faster. Your loved one recovering from trauma or depression? Gift them a Shirodhara massage and trust us they will come out all perked up.

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Tattoo/ Body piercing as a gift

unusual gifts tattoo body piercing
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While we are talking unusual gifts, how about gifting someone a pre-paid appointment for a tattoo/ body-piercing you know they’ve being dying for? Body art/ piercing is an extension of one’s personality and while a lot of us would love to get one done, it can be a bit heavy on the pocket. It truly is a gift one would hold dear for the rest of their lives.

These are just few ideas on unusual gifts in the form of experiences that one can gift their loved ones. If you have any such great ideas please share with us.

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