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how to do eye makeup

How to do Eye Makeup: Eye Makeup Tips for beginners

“Her eyes have their own vocabulary. What a beautiful language to learn”– unknown. If there is one kind of makeup that gives the utmost confidence to a woman, it is undoubtedly the ‘Eye Makeup‘. A perfect eye makeup is what literally describes the phrase ‘Twinkling eyes’. Eye Makeup customizes the look of a woman in so many vibrant ways and makes it possible for her to seamlessly communicate her mood – be it subtle, wild, naughty or dramatic. No doubts every woman is always curious to know about how to do eye makeup for different occasions.

‘Excitedly spending endless amount of time and energy on making those beautiful eyes even more aesthetic, just before an ever fantasized night-out or an event and ending up disappointed ?’ – we’ve all been there. Every woman has been there holding cleanser and cotton, only to wipe it off – almost a nightmare, isn’t it?

Good eye makeup can be exhilarating but is equally grueling and back breaking. But if one knows the basics of eye makeup and few minute magic tricks, half the battle is won. Consider this article your personal makeup artist as it helps you understand the deep magic secrets of how to do eye makeup – from shadows to mascaras to eyeliners to everything.  


Shade ‘em with Eyeshadow

What else can better accentuate and intensify the eyes than an eyeshadow. It makes the eyes look larger and dramatic while beautifully complementing your eye-color and the color of your dress.

There are broadly two types:


Cream Eyeshadow

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If you wish to stick to one single color and not a combination of two or more, then cream shadow is perfect for you. It has a slightly shimmery base and is easy to apply with your pinky finger or brush, is highly pigmented and hydrating, and is good for dry lids. It also acts as a good base for powder eye shadow. The only con is that cream eyeshadows crease easily.

Tip:  Always use a primer with cream eyeshadow so that it stays longer. If possible use a layer of powder eyeshadow on top of cream eyeshadow, this will prevent the cream shadow from smudging.


Powder Eyeshadow

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Powder Eyeshadow is best suited for oily skin. It requires a base or a primer to stay intact and gives a matte or pearl finish. It is easy to blend with and hence it comes in more color options than cream. When applying a powder eyeshadow dab it on your eyelids and then spread evenly using short strokes. Use soft slow strokes in one direction to blend the shadow.

Tip: Go for powder eyeshadows if you want to save money as they come in trios or quads. Also if you are new to eyeshadows, use pressed powder eyeshadows instead of powder pigments as the latter is difficult to apply. 


Fine-lining with the Eyeliner

With an eyeliner, the first question is ‘Which color to choose?’ In the apparent fashion trend there is no rule for which color to choose. It is entirely your choice and also depends the color of your eyes. Though black, brown and gray are the classics, you can also experiment with blues, lavenders and greens.

Eyeliner itself has four sub categories:


Pencil Eyeliner

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For beginners, pencil eyeliner is that perfect tool which you must start with. While applying, the hand should be kept steady and you should begin with the sharper end of the pencil in order to achieve better fineness.

Tip: If you want a dramatic smokey eye look use the Kohl pencil. If you prefer more defined eyes use the gel pencil.


Liquid Eyeliner

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In case you crave ‘cat eyes’, liquid eyeliner is an ideal pick for you. However, it is the most difficult to apply among all types of eyeliners as it requires high level of steadiness of hands for achieving a symmetric line. The brush with a fine point offers both thick and thin lines.

Tip: Draw the angle first and then only connect it with the rest of the liner so as to create a flick.


Powder/ Cake Eyeliner

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The powder eyeliner often known as ‘Cake liner’ is especially used for the soft blurred smokey effect along the lash line as well for the matte finish.  In order to get dramatic effect, apply it wet.

Tip: In case if you don’t have powder eyeliner, an eyeshadow along with an eyeliner brush works equally well.


Gel Pot Eyeliner

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Gel pot eyeliners come packed in a pot or a jar. They are known for the smoothness they provide. They are applied using angled eyeliner brushes and are best for humid season as they smear less than the other types. Gel pot liners are sort of a hybrid between the liquid liners and the powder ones as they can provide the preciseness of the liquid liners with less effort and can also be used to create the smokey effect of powder liners.

Tip: Choose the right brush and right the amount of gel to get best results. To start with, dip the brush in the pot and then wipe it on the sides of the pot to avoid applying too much product.


Create magic with Mascara

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Lush lashes are both a dream and a requisite. Lengthening, Curling, Thickening and Volumizing mascaras- there is wide variety of styles to chose from. Take your pick based on your individual needs. As with other makeup, always apply an eyelash primer before applying a mascara as it will not only give you a lasting effect but also protect your lashes from chemical damage. 

Tip: While curling, clamp the lashes gently and hold for 30 seconds on each eye for a perfect result. Also while the mascara is still wet apply an eyelash comb to quickly brush the lashes and remove any excess product from them.


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