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beard styles trending

Beard styles trending this season for different face types

A popular saying goes “A man without beard is like a lion without mane“. If you missed the boat in the ‘no shave’ month of November and are wondering if there is still time to get that crop growing, trust us you are not late. Beards are in vogue this season with celebs across the world sporting varied beard styles– both classic and contemporary. Just FYI, no shave November is an annual campaign that encourages men across the world to grow their beard and moustache to raise awareness about prostate and testicle cancer. It was started in November 2009 in US. The goal of this campaign is to donate the money you would save by not getting a haircut or grooming facial hair to cancer research charities. While November is already behind us, you can still grow a beard that is to kill for and if you like donate the savings for a cause that you support.

Beards are spectacular and classy but one wrong style can make you end up looking like a nightmare. Don’t worry because we have listed the hottest beard styles that go with different face shapes to make your life a tad easier.



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Wide and rounded at the bottom, this beard is not more than 20 cm long from the bottom of the lower lip. Garibaldi beard is perfect for you if you are seeking for a slightly unkempt style. It allows the natural growth of the beard and is left unattached to the sideburns. This look will work best on those with oval or rectangular face.



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Thanks to Robert Downey Jr., who has been sporting the Balbo look for years, it is one of most popular beard style among men. Basically a wider version of Goatee, it is accompanied by a detached moustache and often a soul patch. Go for this look if you have a narrow chin.



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Relatively easy to grow, this style is preferred by a lot of men. Popularized by Eric Bandholz, this beard will give you a rough and tough look. It Suits well on triangle, oval, oblong or diamond shaped faces. And yes, Zach Galifianakis has it, no points for guessing though!


Full Beard

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Undoubtedly, full beard is the manliest beard style and sported by a lot of starlets. A well-groomed full beard will make you look very attractive while accentuating your features. This lust worthy, unkempt style will look good on diamond, triangle or inverted triangle shaped faces.


Van Dyke

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Inspired after a 17th century Flemish painter named Anthony Van Dyke, this beard style is a mixture of a goatee and moustache. Apart from the goatee and moustache all the other hair on the face is shaven. If you cannot grow a full beard and have a narrow chin then this look is for you. Think how Johnny Depp looks oh-so-sexy with it!!


Friendly Mutton Chops

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Also called as sideburns or side whiskers, ‘Friendly mutton chops’ is one of the chicest beard styles and can make you stand out from the crowd. To get this look you just have to keep growing your sideburns and moustache until they meet. Looks best on square or circular shaped faces. Again no points for guessing, Hugh Jackman sports this look.


Circle Beard

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Often referred as the ‘standard’ beard, this beard is a merger between moustache and rounded goatee beard. Since it has a tidy and neat look to it, you can sport this look to office. Suits well on oval and round faces.


Short Stubble

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Easily maintained and hassle free, this beard style is quite famous. Although it is tidy, short stubble gives you a manly look. The best thing about this style is that it goes well with all face types. From Bradley Cooper to Tom Cruise, this style is a favourite among celebrities too.

Now that you know the hottest beard styles trending this season, embrace this beard season that has a fallen upon us.

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