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Nail Art Designs trending this season: Trend du jour!

Nail art has gained prominence over the last few years, the proof is in the number of nail art studios in each locality. If one were to look around, one would find more nail art studios than grocery stores these days! From basic French nails to nail piercing to holographic effects, there is no limit to how much you can experiment with Nail Art Designs. That said, women are willing and paying heaps to get their nails done and by that, we don’t mean a basic mani-pedi. We’re talking about getting extensions, intricate patterns, colors, and the works!

Therefore, it becomes necessary to stay in tune with the latest trends of the season. While neons, nudes, and pastels are so passé, this season calls for some rather bold and crafty art. So, don’t shy away.

Here are the top 7 nail art designs to look forward to this season.


Ombre French Fade

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This look is taking the timeless classic french manicure to the next level. For all those working-women who don’t want their nails to be screaming out loud in the board room, this look fits your bill. In tune with the latest ombre pattern, this look can be achieved by using a sponge on the base coat and completing it with the topcoat.



Image source- Pinterest/@amazon

Wanna compliment that cat eye liner? Get the purr on your nails! You could either use stickers, or get your nail artist to do the job. This look is not just cute, but also a funky reminder of your fur baby.


Checkered tips

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This chic look will go with anything you wear. Checkered ends not just add a little oomph to your nails, but also make them pop out. You could try a combination of various colors and go all crazy. However, a minimalistic ‘black n white’ will also look great for everyday wear.


Paint em Polka

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Not only are these easy to do, but these polka dots add that little girl charm to your otherwise dull nails. Polka Dots are evergreen and part of every woman’s closet, now get this look on your nails too!


Matte meets Sparkles

Image source- Pinterest/@emmadoesnails

Ever since Matte Nail Colors came in, it made a lot of us inquisitive as to how to use them. Going all Matte does look drab, so, add that little shine to your Matte nails and make those nails sparkle. A great way to achieve the subtle yet tantalizing look is by blending and using the matte polish along with some twinkle.


Autumn Art

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If you’re gonna be in with the season, then don’t forget about the maple leaves. These designs aren’t rocket science and can be done at home too, with a little patience and some creativity. Get romantic and rustic this autumn with these autumn nail art designs. Such nail art would also complement your fall wardrobe.


Forbidden Fruit

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If you love the bold and forbidden, then this look is something you must consider. If you’re someone who loves sporting red, this sure is something that you can pull off with great ease. You could use the ombre technique or simply draw flames onto the red. Try it will your little black dress and you will be swamped with compliments.

The nail art world has a lot to explore and experiment. While less is more, more can be ravishing. So, put on your creative hat and get working on those nails. Whatever your style is, there’s something for everyone. So girls, don’t miss out on these nail art designs this season and share your pictures with us on Facebook/ Instagram.

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