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best salons spas koramangala

Best Salons and Spas in Koramangala to rejuvenate your soul

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy you a day at the spa, and that’s almost the same thing! Yep, that’s right. A nice relaxing spa, a French manicure, a good haircut and a nice facial. That’s it, that’s heaven on earth- the best way to de-stress, pamper, and rejuvenate your soul, and yeah not to forget keep you at your happiest.

Koramangala, a largely cosmopolitan part of Bangalore, is the focal point for many activities, be it hub of IT & entrepreneurship or foodies paradise. Of late, this area has also made its mark for being the style centre with many high-end salons and spas to pamper its customers. Koramangala has a variety of offerings among spas and salons ranging from high-end top notch players to affordable pocket friendly ones offering quality services. If you are around Koramangala, you are definitely pampered for choices when it comes to choosing a place for a haircut or a day at the spa, waxing and pedicures or getting that makeover you have always wanted.

Here are the five best Salons and Spas in Koramangala that offer top-notch experience.



bounce koramangala best salon spa koramangala
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Bounce has been in the limelight for high-end make overs and styling. Located opposite Bethany High, in 8th block, bounce offers high standards of quality and sophistication when it comes to their services, be it spas, pedicures, waxing or facials. But Bounce is particularly famous for its pampering spas, make overs and hairstyles as they specialize in the most chic hairstylists.

A hairstyling by a senior stylist or the director is highly recommended if you want to flaunt the hottest hairstyle in town. Among facials their Skin brightening facial and Men’s Space Hydra performance facial are outstanding. Bounce is definitely expensive but sure as hell worth it!



ylg koramangala best salon spa in koramangala
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YLG, in itself has grown into a dominating brand under the beauty salons segment. Koramangala itself has 3 branches; each branch operates independent of the other. A high standard of customer service and customer satisfaction has made this salon most preferred by its customers. Super famous for their flavored de tan waxing, YLG provides amazing discounts and packages along with excellent service, which is insanely reasonable!

They offer 50% off on certain services on a specific days of the week including hair services and facials. How cool is that? The complete waxing package which includes full arms, full legs, and underarms, is available at 599/- only, and yes, opt for the luscious dark chocolate flavored wax for a smooth finish. YLG is famous for its combo packages. With the ambience they offer, and the unbelievable discounts they provide, this one is highly recommended.


The Beautique

beautique koramangala best salon spa koramangala
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Located in the prime area of Koramangala, near Jyoti Nivas College, this salon provides the best ambience you could ask for. Soothing music, relaxing setup, courteous staff and quality service make it one of the best spas in Koramangala. They never send their customers back empty ended or empty stomach. They serve tea and snacks to all of their customers as a friendly gesture. This salon is famous for their hair and body spas. It’s almost like a therapy! You come out from the spa feeling like a different person!

Their Skin Brightening facial, the French Thalgo treatment (done with sea minerals and algae), the Hot Stone massage, and the Polynesia spa ritual are worth mentioning! If you are in the mood for a relaxing spa experience try the aroma therapy massage, but if you prefer a deeper high pressure treatment go for the Javanese massage. It’s an amazing 1.5-hour experience. Their pricing is a little above average, but it’s definitely worth the money, because it’s pure rejuvenation.



bodycraft koramangala best salon spa koramangala
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Next on our list of best Salons and Spas in Koramangala is Bodycraft. An established chain of salons, Bodycraft has recently opened its branch in Koramangala, and we must say they’ve done an amazing job with the new salon. The ambience is warm and welcoming, and the hairstylists have kept upto their reputation. Much like every other branch, this one too has the best hairstylists for amazing makeovers, and special therapists who do an amazing job with the spas and massages.

Though famous for hairstyles and spas, their French manicures and pedicures are very pampering. You come out admiring your hands and feet way too much. Among body treatments their anti-cellulite treatment, pre-natal massage and Ayurvedic treatments are very popular. They also pamper their customers with their luxurious products and amenities and make it one fancy experience for you! However, the only downside to this one, is it burns a hole in your purse, and yeah a rather big one! But for those who don’t mind a little splurge, this one is sure to pamper your soul!


Four Fountains de-stress Spa

four fountains spa koramangala best salons spas in koramangala
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The name itself gives away everything! This spa is rated one of the best in Bangalore. People from all over the city come here for their favourite spas, and leave as happy patrons. They provide a wide array of spa treatments and wellness programmes based on one’s specific needs. It’s more of a healing programme through spa treatments. The spa therapies are scientifically designed by doctors to treat stress and other ailments in our body.

They have different treatments and therapies called programmes such as pain relief, detox, skin whitening, immunity-booster, age-reversal programme and so on. The Deep relaxation package, Ayurvedic wisdom package and special packages for couples are most popular among the many therapies and packages that they offer. The reviews about this Spa are great and customers boast of incredible quality and hospitality. It’s definitely one of the most sought after places among the spas in Koramangala.

Keep calm and have an amazing spa day!



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