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Mad about legs: 7 Yoga moves for those flirty beach-ready legs

Every girl wishes to have a pair of enviably slim and sexy legs. While some may be blessed with them, girls with pear shaped bodies find it extremely difficult to lose that adamant fat from their thighs. But do not be disheartened, for we present to you some easy yoga postures which can help tone your legs!

Practicing yoga to lose weight is the smart choice these days. Globally people have realized the benefits of yoga and are spreading its awareness. Yoga is no more the “ancient saintly exercise” that we read in history. It has evolved to attract the attention of people of all ages. The versatility of the asanas that yoga has to offer, cater to all possible human body parts.

Let us concentrate on the lower body exercises for now, to give you the perfect sexy legs already.


Virabhadrasana II


Warrior II pose
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This is also called the “Warrior II pose“. This posture helps tone your leg muscles and make the fat cells cry out loud! This targets your butt, hip, thigh, hamstrings and calf muscles in your lower body. This is done right by bending on both the legs one after the other, once for each side that is.

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Utkata Konasana


Goddess pose
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Also known as the “Goddess pose“, this will turn you into the Goddess you always wanted to be! This squat pose works on your lower body muscles and you can feel the stretch that your muscles undergo right away!

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Utthita Parsvakonasana


Extended side angle pose
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Its other name is- the “Extended side angle pose“. It works all the way from your ankle to the love-handles. Legs undergo that much required stretch throughout its entire length. When done on each side by taking turns, it tones you up like never before!

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Chair pose
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This “Chair pose” is an easy exercise for your legs. You just need to pretend to sit on an imaginary chair and stay down there a couple of minutes, to work-out your legs. The lower you go, the higher the hemlines of your dress can reach!

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Tree pose
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The “Tree pose” not only works on your leg muscles but also gets your balancing act right. This especially tones your inner thigh muscles and strengthens them. You can hope to be as slender and strong as the pine trees now!

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cobbler pose
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This “Bound angle pose” or “Cobbler pose” works on your groin, inner thigh muscles and hips. It also significantly improves your lower body flexibility.


Setu Bandhasana


Setu Bandhasana/ Bridge pose
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This “Bridge pose” works wonders for your back and leg muscles. This easy move is done lying on level ground/surface. Other than toning your muscles to give you slimmer legs, this exercise also relaxes tired muscles of your legs.

So be ready to bid adieu to that loose grandma fat in your legs and say hello to the new sexy you! It is time to get that Little Black Dress out of your closet and paint the town red!



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